Our mission goes deeper than just catalog management.

The Musicspace Way

In late 2019, we were shocked to learn how many artists had no idea what metadata was, or why it was even important to manage their music catalogs. This led us on a journey to create a simple, affordable, and user-friendly platform for artists to manage their most valuable assets: their music catalogs. 

Our mission is deeper than just catalog management, however. We understand the pain, suffering, and stress that lack of organization can cause. Too often, artists and producers have lost out on revenue-earning opportunities due to poor knowledge about catalog management and ownership, which is why Musicspace gives them a place to put their stresses to bed, and come out on top. 

Musicspace helps to empower artists of all ages, races, colors, and creeds to understand their catalogs, and more importantly, how to protect and organize it, all in one beautiful dashboard.

Together we are a family of music lovers. 

Our three keys:

To Give Back Time

When launching Musicspace, our core purpose was to develop a simple-to-use platform that took away the stresses of Music catalog management. Metadata and track management shouldn't have to cost you your sanity and time, which is why Musicspace allows you to centralize your artistry in one dashboard.

To Educate

At the heart of our platform, we aim to educate artists on the importance of keeping their most valuable assets, their music catalogs, organized and maintained to help them unlock new revenue-earning opportunities.

To Reward Growth

Having a 2,000 track catalog shouldn't mean you have to spend an arm & a leg to maintain it, which is why our largest plan, "Unlimited", is capped at $29.99. We believe artists should be rewarded for growth, not punished with growing fees. To put this into perspective, a 2,000 track catalog would need to make $0.01/per song, per month to cover our Unlimited plan. A subscription that pays for itself. Not bad, right? 

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